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Auckland City
22 July 2013

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Too cold for hanami!
28 April 2011

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Glowing heat
7 November 2010

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Enjoying the river
20 September 2010

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In a glade...
14 September 2010

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Turtles swimming
20 August 2010

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Suspended basket
14 June 2010

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Gate detail
31 January 2007

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Wreath on a door
3 January 2007

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Cupid waiting
oh adorable

AMIR BABA on Cupid waiting

B. Thomas on Cupid waiting
Happy Valentine's Day!

Frank on Cupid waiting
Cute! :)

L'Angevine on Stone steps
bien ce cadrage

Frank on Stone steps
Interesting, maybe a large, tall, 16th century guy designed the big steps, today all things must be uniforme and ...

L'Angevine on Castle Gate
bien ces textures

Tataze on Stone steps
there are markets for small legs and there are stairs to the great legs

Steyners on Castle Gate
Such strength here portrayed, from the beautifully proportioned strong gate to the meticulously executed and equally ...

L'Angevine on Gate of Kofu Castle
C'est si bien fait

Mohammad/Navvab on Gate of Kofu Castle
nice view :)

L'Angevine on Kokeshi Doll

Maxine on Gate of Kofu Castle
Lovely gate!

kerrfoa on Kokeshi Doll
Oooooooooooooooh! j'aime beaucoup les kokeshi

Bruce on Kokeshi Doll
Happy Silly Tuesday. I have never seen one of these - you might add some insight to add to our enjoyment of the ...

L'Angevine on Butterfly lollipop

L'Angevine on Pines

L'Angevine on Bridge over the moat

L'Angevine on Circles in the sand

L'Angevine on Japanese Garden

Dimitrios on Circles in the sand

L'Angevine on Paella
une bonne recherche

Frank on Paella
I love paella, I ate it many times in Spain.

L'Angevine on Doria

L'Angevine on Fried dumplings

beach on Fried dumplings
Oh, I love dumplings. Makes me want to go for sushi right now!

L'Angevine on A Very Japanese Room

L'Angevine on English breakfast in Japanese House

philippe on A Very Japanese Room
Belle photo d'une pureté et d'une netteté incroyable. J'adore

alex centrella on English breakfast in Japanese House
not much to eat . lol..

L'Angevine on Wooden Japanese kokeshi doll

sawsengee on English breakfast in Japanese House
incongruous mix but fantastic result from the tabletop composition

Tataze on Wooden Japanese kokeshi doll
beautifuf Kokeshi doll

L'Angevine on Japanese Kokeshi Doll
intéressant ces points

Dimitrios on Wooden Japanese kokeshi doll
very good

Dimitrios on Japanese Kokeshi Doll

L'Angevine on Dragon

rem_la on Japanese Kokeshi Doll
Je suis Charlie

Maxine on Dragon
Fabulous dragon!

L'Angevine on Scallops on the grill
oh excellent

L'Angevine on Kanpai!

Frank on Kanpai!
I think it's hard to drink from that ... and can it in a dishwasher?

L'Angevine on New Year sake from a barrel
bonne recherche

Frank on Berries in a barrell
Hej Kate, you are back, wonderful !!!

L'angevine on Berries, bamboo & pine

Dimitrios on Berries, bamboo & pine

L'angevine on Berries in a barrell te souhaite aussi de bonnes choses pour cette nouvelle année

Elham on Red Japanese temple
real winter, well done

Elham on Weeping plum blossom
absolutely beautiful

Elham on Berries in a barrell

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